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Envisioning and Testing New Models of Sustainable Energy Cooperation and Services in Industrial Parks

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 785134

Project Overview 


          S-PARCS presents a sound concept for reducing energy costs and energy consumption in industrial parks, while, at the same time, increasing renewable on-site energy production.

The pre-assessment of the seven Lighthouse Parks from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Austria, which participate in the study, has shown a high potential for joint energy actions, many of which are transferrable to the community of S-PARCS Followers in the UK, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Austria and Norway.

Lighthouse Parks

A large Follower Community

Industrial Parks


Location: Austria

Services within the park:
Construction & maintenance infrastructure; free space for
settlement; harbour master & general infrastructures; office space for rent; handling/ storage/ processing/ packaging/ bunkering /container terminal are provided by private companies.

Experience in energy efficiency:

Some very precise data and a well informed about efficiency opportunities, others not.
Many companies implement or analyze measures, especially PV and LED, some have low consumptions volumes and do not care, and some have higher consumption values but are not well informed.


Location: Italy
Key Stakeholder:
Public-private consortium of approximatively 80 companies as well as the local municipality of San Miniato.
Experience in energy efficiency:
Energy costs are not the principal production costs (but this is changing because of the rise of the energy costs) Five (interviewed) companies do not joint any purchasing group because they do not find any savings.
  • Energy cooperation is considered as a chance to highlight the efforts of industrial park towards a low carbon economy.
  • Reduction of energy costs.
  • Energy autonomy in order to avoid the risks associated with the volatility of energy prices and enhance the use of potential energy inp

Borealis, Chemiepark Linz

Location: Austria

Experience in energy efficiency:
The companies are all energy-intensive industries. They are all subject to changing energy prices are thus well informed about efficiency potentials. Borealis provides and maintains the utilities:
natural gas, water, steam at different pressure levels. Borealis maintains a monitoring system providing frequent (e.g. 1 second) data. This is a well-found basis for energy cooperation and energy efficiency projects.


Becoming more competitive in the global markets, integrating the local communities, cost savings realizable by joint procurement of energy and important resources, making the industrial park design more attractive to companies, etc.


Location: Spain
Services within the park:
wastewater treatment, maintenance
Existing public-private partnership (companies involved). Tool to facilitate energy cooperation
Experience in energy efficiency:
Companies are used to work with energy management advisors LED lighting and energy audits are other measures adopted by some companies (individually)
  • Reduction of energy costs: competitiveness
  • Become greener: improve external image & work on Social responsibility

The S-PARCS Project




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Great success for the S-PARCS final event!

Great success for the S-PARCS final event!Due to the pandemic situation, the S-PARCS project partners haven’t been able to gather European stakeholders in the same room for its final conference. However, a remote half-day event took place, on June 15th, to introduce...

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The S-PARCS project is entering in its last implementation period! With this newsletter, all partners are glad to share with you the latest developments of the project. Indeed, you will discover several materials useful for any stakeholders willing to know more about...








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