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Expected Impacts

S-PARCS’s strategy to boost replications of the demonstrated solutions starts with the Lighthouse Parks partners, and provides them a platform to develop and realise their own visions.

Parallel to that, and asbackbone for the S-PARCS post-project endeavour, WP6 prepares the ground for supporting the FollowerCommunity (see Section 4) to promote or implement the successfully tested S-PARCS solutions and instruments. To maximise impact, S-PARCS aligns a diverse and ambitious group of industrial parks that:

  • Represents different industrial branches
  • Accommodates companies ranging from SMEs to the headquarters of international enterprises
  • Represents low-to-medium energy-intensive production processes
  • Includes parks that are at different levels of energy efficiency advancements
  • Have different experiences with joint energy services and energy cooperation operate in different (regulatory and climate) framework

S-PARCS aims at achieving significant, lasting and replicable impacts

Quantification of impact of S-PARCS

Overview of characteristics of the Lighthouse Parks

Specific Ambition
Experience in S-PARCS shall enable defining an energy efficiency strategy for all industrial parks in the Basque Country, which are all supervised by the same entity (SPRI).

Partner BSI seeks learning about European best practice examples for designing future parks from scratch and wants to determine if the deployment of S-PARCS business models can also generate enough return to finance an energy manager in the future.

Specific Ambition

Design & implement a monitoring system able to manage the energy consumption of the park and reduce it by 10%>

Specific Ambition

Come up of best practice guidance for Upper Austrian industrial promotion agency (Biz-up, LOI attached).

Specific Ambition

Refining frontrunner position by learning from topic-specific best practices from other parks

RES Production & Energy savings expected to result from S-PARCS

Chemiepark Linz already is a benchmark leader in energy efficiency and is currently exploring ways to reduce costs and implement novel instruments in energy cooperation/services. No prioritisation of specific measures at present, several options for increased energy efficiency are under discussion.