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A first meeting to meet everyone

One of the main goals of the Kick-Off Meeting is that every partner can understand that he is part of a team and get to know this team. That is why this meeting started with presentation from every organisation, and reminders of the role of every partner in the team.

Another important part of a Kick-Off Meeting is to send the project on good rails and make sure that, from the beginning, everything is done according to the rules. For that purpose notably, we had the pleasure to welcome Ivi Piiroja, Financial Officer of the European Commission, who presented the rules to be respected for the costs of the project and some management procedures, etc. For some partners, it even was the opportunity to directly exchange with the Financial Officer and get answers to very individual and specific questions.


On the good rails

Another important goal of the Kick-Off Meeting is to make sure that everyone is on the same page and launch the project dynamically, in good conditions for the months to come. In that respect, a workshop was organised the the second day of the meeting to discuss specific terminology of the project as well as the barriers and solutions, etc.

The great involvement and complementarity between everyone allowed to come up with interestingly different point of views that makes the richness of these exchanges and were used to clarify the global vision on the work to be done on the coming months and years.